Vacations are good for your health

I received an e-mail from a friend with a good idea I hadn’t thought of before. As I sat on the back of the paddle wheel boat, The American Empress, riding up the Columbia River Gorge on vacation with my parents, his email was especially timely. His suggestion was to plan on working two years … Read more

Time is more valuable than money

Time is more valuable than money Few people budget their money and even fewer budget their time, yet time is more valuable than money. If you mess up your money budget, you can earn some more tomorrow. Time wasted can never be recovered and you don’t have all that much time in your life to … Read more

The importance of sleep

Today’s Tuesday’s tip video is about the importance of getting enough sleep. More information about this is available in my book The Doctors Guide to Starting Your Practice Right available at Aloha Publishing and Amazon. Hope you enjoy it.

Even a Busy Doctor Needs Exercise

One of the early items sacrificed by the time-crunched doctor is exercise. You must purposely put this in your schedule or it will not happen. You are forever suggesting your patients get more exercise, but do you do it yourself? Practice what you preach. Exercise is an important part of your well-being. It gives you … Read more

Scheduling Time with your Kids

Happy Father’s Day Today is Father’s Day, a time to remember those great times you had with your father. My father, Jim Fawcett, was always there to watch my games when I was playing school sports. There would be forty kids playing in a junior high football game and maybe only 8 fathers would be … Read more

It’s resting that makes you stronger

Sunday is traditionally a day of rest in the United States, but not for doctors. Call obligations cause us to work some weeks straight through without a break. Patients don’t all go home from the hospital on Saturday night to give us Sunday off. Rest is critical to maintaining good mental and physical health. In … Read more