2/21/23, Conversations with Geoff

Casual discussion about my life and what it took to become financially independent.


2/12/23, The Changed Physician Podcast with Drs. Melissa Cady and Kevin Cuccaro

We talk about what it takes to get the right job the first time and save over $175K and a lot of heart ache since you will not need to job hunt again. Getting the right start makes all the difference.


1/26/23, Dr. Christopher Loo (Financial Freedom for Physicians) and I discuss my latest book, A Guide to Loving Your Timeshare.

We talk about my newest best-selling book A Guide to Loving Your Timeshare. This book will teach all timeshare owners how to get the most from their ownership and put to rest all the silly negative talk from those who have been misinformed about timeshares. 

12/11/22,The KevinMD Podcast on Why Every Physician Should Own a Timeshare

This episode covers my new best-selling book A Guide to Loving Your Timeshare. This book will teach all timeshare owners how to get the most from their ownership and put to rest all the silly negative talk from those who have been misinformed about timeshares. I feel almost every physician is a good candidate to own a timeshare and we discuss why. 


6/28/22, Designing a Worry Free/Truly Passive Real Estate Portfolio with Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez of The maxAllure Mastermind.

This episode #26 covers how I set up a worry free/truly passive real estate portfolio of apartments my wife and I own. There is no reason real estate investing should feel like a second job.  We also talk about my new best-selling book A Guide to Loving Your Timeshare. This book will teach all timeshare owners how to get the most from their ownership and put to rest all the silly negative talk from those who have been misinformed about timeshares. 

Google Podcast: https://loom.ly/Os6VGvc

6/28/22, Designing  Your Locum Tenens Life with Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez of The maxAllure Mastermind.

This episode #17 covers how I got started in medicine and I share what I learned as a locum tenens surgeon so you can have a better experience.


4/5/22, Goosebumps Interview with Uwe Dockhorn, 

We discuss what event gave me goosebumps recently and how I managed my 64 rental units while practicing general surgery full time and still had a life.


10/26/21, Providers, Properties & Performance with Trisha Talbot

We discuss my very first real estate purchases of medical office space. These were the office my practice was in, a surgery center, and a large medical office building with many partners. Here is a chance to learn the advantages of owning your own building instead of renting.


9/30/21, The Changed Physician Podcast, with Drs. Melissa Cady & Kevin Cuccaro

We discuss my medical school decision and plan to be financially independent by age 50. How it turned out and how I retired at age 54.


Here is the video version on YouTube


They did a second episode as a deep dive discussion of what they learned from my podcast and how it effected them. 


Here is the video version on YouTube


9/1/21, Doctors and Dollars Podcast, with The Prudent Plastic Surgeon & DocSupp

Jordan Frey and Vijay Kini discuss with me my career, retirement, locums, bitterness, forgiveness, and my thank you file and how it helped my attitude.


8/30/21, Time Out With The Sports Doctor, Dr. Derrick Burgess

Join Derrick and I as we discuss the life of Dr. Timex vs. Dr. Rolex, saving for retirement during my residency, active real estate investing, living your bucket list, and simple steps to becoming financially independent. 


2/16/21, Grants Pass VIP with Brian J. Pombo

Join Brian and I as we discuss what’s happening in Grants Pass and my latest book, The Doctors Guide to Navigating a Financial Crisis. 


8/14/20, Freedom Formula for Physicians, Dave Denniston

Dave and I discuss what retirement has been like and that there is life after medicine, my favorite trip, side hustles, and what to do in a financial crisis.


8/24/20,The Scope of Practice, Fixing Your Career and Your Money in the Face of COVID-19

Brent and I discuss how to build your career with the financial success you deserve.


6/10/20, KevinMD, Navigating a Financial Crisis Book

 Kevin and I discus my newest book, The Doctors Guide to Navigating a Financial Crisis.


5/29/20, Get Healthy 360, Real Estate Investing

Surgeon, real estate guru, and personal finance coach Cory Fawcett, MD, joins Kris Ferguson, MD, on the Get Healthy 360 Podcast to discuss the ins and outs of real estate investment and financial well being.  

Dr. Fawcett describes what type of real estate investments he prefers, how he automates most of the day-to-day work associated with property management, and how he got started. 


5/18/20, Doctor Money Matters, Real Estate Investing

We talk on this episode about the power of real estate investing. Why Dr. Fawcett favors active real estate investing (ownership) instead of participating in syndications. 

We also talk net worth numbers which may surprise many of my listeners. While he was a general surgeon in private practice, Dr. Fawcett had a lower income than many might think and yet through the power of compounding, tax deferment, and debt aversion, he built up quite a net worth that was greater than his combined income from all his work years when he retired.


3/16/20, Earn & Invest with Doc G, The Camino de Santiago

Panel discussion about our experiences hiking the Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain. Carolyn and I hiked this 450 mile journey over 38 days in the summer of 2019. Here is the story.


12/21/2019, Drs Andrew Wilner and Cory Fawcett Discuss Locum Tenens

Dr. Fawcett and I shared similar locums experiences and had a great 15-minute discussion. If you are interested in trying out locum tenens, particularly if you are a “late-career” physician, please watch the video.


10/7/2019, What’s Up Next With Doc G

Live session of fixing a doctor’s finances with me and Travis Hornsby from student loan planner. Here what we thought would make this physician’s financial world turn around for the better.


10/7/2019, Doctors Unbound with with David Draghinas

How I built enough cash flow in just twelve years of real estate investing to be financially independent.


4/1/2019, What’s Up Next With Doc G

How Could a Career Transition Impact Your Path to Financial Independence?


3/18/2019, Financial Residency with Ryan Inman

How to improve your mindset when paying down debt


2/26/2019, The Paradocs with Eric Larson, MD

The Role of debt in physician well being and the latest Medscape survey of physician suicide, depression, and burnout.


10/2018, The Physician Negotiator: Doc of all Tradez

Location, Money, or Lifestyle: The Rule of Three


7/10/2018, The Rental Income Podcast with Dan Lane

Topics: Managing rental Real Estate as a busy doctor and Real Estate partnerships.


5/29/2018, Millionaires Unveiled, Clark & Jace

Topics: Paying off debt, real estate investing, keys to financial success


3/23/2018, Common Sense Medicine, Shree Nadkarni

Topics: Paying off medical school loans, Hobbies, favorite books to give away


3/6/18, Financial Residency, Ryan Inman

Topics: My debt story, Mortgage interest


3/5/18, Docs Outside the Box, Nii Darko

Topics: Debt Elimination



6/9/17, Freedom Formula for Physicians, David Denniston

Dave and I discuss how I was able to manage 64 rental units as a full time general surgeon, how I got into real estate and what I feel others should no about getting into real estate investing.


4/7/17, Doctor money matters, Tarang Patel

Topic: Debt Elimination


On I tunes, Doctor Money Matters, Episode 5