3/16/20, Earn & Invest with Doc G, The Camino de Santiago

Panel discussion about our experiences hiking the Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain. Carolyn and I hiked this 450 mile journey over 38 days in the summer of 2019. Here is the story.


12/21/2019, Drs Andrew Wilner and Cory Fawcett Discuss Locum Tenens

Dr. Fawcett and I shared similar locums experiences and had a great 15-minute discussion. If you are interested in trying out locum tenens, particularly if you are a “late-career” physician, please watch the video.


10/7/2019, What’s Up Next With Doc G

Live session of fixing a doctor’s finances with me and Travis Hornsby from student loan planner. Here what we thought would make this physician’s financial world turn around for the better.


10/7/2019, Doctors Unbound with with David Draghinas

How I built enough cash flow in just twelve years of real estate investing to be financially independent.


4/1/2019, What’s Up Next With Doc G

How Could a Career Transition Impact Your Path to Financial Independence?


3/18/2019, Financial Residency with Ryan Inman

How to improve your mindset when paying down debt


2/26/2019, The Paradocs with Eric Larson, MD

The Role of debt in physician well being and the latest Medscape survey of physician depression and burnout


10/2018, The Physician Negotiator: Doc of all Tradez

Location, Money, or Lifestyle: The Rule of Three


7/10/2018, The Rental Income Podcast with Dan Lane

Topics: Managing rental Real Estate as a busy doctor and Real Estate partnerships.


5/29/2018, Millionaires Unveiled, Clark & Jace

Topics: Paying off debt, real estate investing, keys to financial success


3/23/2018, Common Sense Medicine, Shree Nadkarni

Topics: Paying off medical school loans, Hobbies, favorite books to give away


3/6/18, Financial Residency, Ryan Inman

Topics: My debt story, Mortgage interest


3/5/18, Docs Outside the Box, Nii Darko

Topics: Debt Elimination


6/9/17, Freedom Formula for Physicians, David Denniston

On iTunes S3, Episode 20


4/7/17, Doctor money matters, Tarang Patel

Topic: Debt Elimination


On I tunes, Doctor Money Matters, Episode 5