Tax Services

Many physicians contact my regarding hiring an accountant/tax advisor. There are so many “tax preparers” who masquerade as tax advisors that it is hard to find a good advisor.

If you have anything more than a simple W-2 income to tax, then you are not looking for a “tax preparer,” which is someone who knows how to fill out most of the tax forms to file your income taxes. What you really need is someone who knows the tax code well and how to best utilize it in your more complex situation. True tax advisors are harder to find.

This list of Recommended Tax Advisors will help you find someone who is currently taking clients. I have personally had a conversation with everyone on the list and feel they are a good choice. If you have an experience that is less that fabulous, please contact me so I can consider revising my recommendation.

Be advised that each person on this list has paid for this space with advertising dollars. They are here because they wish to pick up new clients that are reading my blog. I allow them on the list because my readers need this service and I’m providing a quick and easy way to find an advisor. Advisors are only able to get on the list by convincing me they are a good solution for high income families. They cannot buy their way onto the list.

You can choose from this list with confidence.

Ashraf Advisory

Ashraf Advisory is a CPA firm based out of Dallas, TX accepting clients across all states. We work with you to strategically plan for taxes and take tax deductions designed for physicians in an increasingly changing regulatory environment. Our clients are wide in size from one provider physician independent contractors to fully built multi-owner practices and everything in between. Tax preparation, tax planning, payroll and bookkeeping all done in one place with multiple planning sessions. Contact us to learn more.