Flat Fee Financial Advisors

Most physicians will choose to have their portfolio managed by a professional, thus I’m frequently ask to recommend a  financial advisor. My favorite type of advisor is one with no conflict of interest, and the best way to achieve that is by charging a flat fee. So to best meet the needs of my readers, here is a list of flat fee financial advisors who I like and would recommend to my own family.

Each advisor has submitted an application for you to get a better understanding of their philosophy. They were also personally interview by me. After you choose one, send me feedback on their service. Providing good service is the only way these advisors can remain on my recommended list, since no one “pays to stay.” This page does constitute advertising and each firm paid a set up fee to get vetted and listed on the page.

If you know a good flat fee advisor, share them with me and let’s see how large we can grow this list for everyone’s benefit.


Physician Family Financial Advisors believe every doctor has what it takes to become debt free and live a secure financial life. They’re focused on more than just “investing” though. Their service is designed to help you achieve a good financial life outcome.

This team of six specialists is one of the most experienced physician-only advisor teams I know. They have expertise in Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), student loan refinance, home purchase planning, disability and life insurance strategies, college savings options, and retirement investments. They will also keep an eye out for ways you can protect your assets and legitimately save taxes.

To work with Physician Family, you or your spouse must be an attending allopathic medical or osteopathic doctor. They do not serve dentists or physicians still in training. 

If you are looking for a reasonably priced team with 25+ years of experience, then contact them for a free consultation. 

Learn more at physicianfamily.com

Contact: W. Ben Utley,  CFP®, at contact@physicianfamily.com or 541-463-0899

Physician Family Application Form

(For Anesthesiologists and Pain Doctors Only)

Justin Harvey, CFP®

Philadelphia, PA     412-576-7511



Quantifi Planning Application Form



Samalin Investment Council

Matthew McKee, CFA

Chappaqua, NY    914-666-6600



Samalin Investment Council Application Form



FI Physician

(For Physicians Nearing Retirement Only)

David Graham, MD, CFP®

Billings, MT     406-697-1518



FiPhysician Application Form



Justina Welch, CFP®   &   Clint Thomas, CFP®

Greenwood Village, CO   303-716-5777



Integrity Wealth Solutions Application Form



James Sweeney, CFP®

Lehi, Utah   801-753-8538



SwitchPoint Financial Application Form