The best way I can describe this book is “Dave Ramsey for Doctors without the bad investing advice.”                                     

James Dahle  M.D.
The White Coat Investor

“You were worth every cent I paid for that conference! Thank you so much for your wisdom and generosity & for changing my future!”

Imber Coppinger, DO

“It was my pleasure to hear a recent seminar given by Dr. Fawcett. The advice was solid and more applicable than that given by mainstream sources. It was also more personal and left me with a desire for more. He focused on adjusting ones attitude in order to make more judicious decisions about controlling personal finances.”

R. J. Leavitt, M.D.
President Physicians Medical Park, LLC

“I am a Family Practice doc and I did much of what you did over the years, never lived fancy, and currently live in a 1300 sq. ft. condo. Saved, enjoyed life, worked hard, and now am a multi-millionaire and semi-retired. People need to wake up and listen to your advice – it is right on target.”

Reader who wishes to remain Anonymous

“I highly recommend Dr. Cory Fawcett. He is a multi-talented entrepreneur with depth of character and charisma. Dr. Fawcett is an excellent surgeon, savvy real estate investor, and financial wiz. He is a superb coach and counselor. He has a passion for teaching and helping others. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn from this Sage of Southern Oregon.”

J. Brant Darby, DDS
Chair Oral Surgery and Dentistry
Providence Alaska Medical Center

“Dr. Cory Fawcett delivers practical, methodical, and an easy to understand approach to managing debt, and thriving in a culture of credit, and over extension.  The formula is one of self-reliance and letting the money work for you.  It doesn’t matter where you are financially, there is a way out.  It should not just be about survival, but one of enjoyment, and the ability to pursue life without a burden of debt.  With a little discipline you can reach your destination.  I highly recommend Dr. Fawcett as your course navigator.”

Kevin Teagle DC CCSPÒ

“My wife and I heard Dr. Fawcett speak and we were impressed by his practical advice.  Based on what we learned, we made some significant changes in the way we handle our finances.  It’s exciting to see our debts eliminated, and that same money put to use for us instead of against us.  I will retire in three years and I am confident that we will be financially secure.”

Pete and Karen Jenista

“Dr. Cory is an extremely talented man. He has done so much with his life and his community. He is a great public speaker and quite a magician. He is an incredible role model and any group would benefit from his appearance.”

Bob Armstrong
singer at “Timeless”

“Cory quickly connects with people in a way that affirms who they are and makes them feel comfortable. I’ve worked with Cory in a non-professional setting where I’ve benefited from his organizational skills, thoroughness, and leadership. He is a great communicator, adding a fun element to his style. Cory’s desire to serve is evidenced in his volunteer activities in our community and well as church; giving his time, experience, and giftedness in the medical field, music, and financial planning. He is a problem solver with a desire to help as many people as possible experience success. Cory is a man of integrity who leads his family first, and pursues his dreams with a passion.”

Maureen Feist
Vice Presidential Marketing Director
Youngevity/Heritage Makers

“Cory is a heartfelt, humble and compassionate man. When he enters a room people are drawn to him. His stage presence and communication skills are both first class. To spend a moment with him is to know someone in the world truly cares. But he has no problem speaking the truth and not letting you off the hook. Coming from the financial services business I have the highest regard for Cory’s knowledge and ability to help.”

Terall Blalock
Mitchell & Blalock Diversified Financial Services.