Guest Post Policy

If you would like to have a guest post published on my blog, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The article should be written in good English and be in polished, ready to publish form. 
  2. Only the author should be contacting me
  3. It should appeal to my target audience of physicians, dentists, and other high income professionals.
  4. You should provide me with your picture, if you want it published, and any credits you wish to acknowledge such as your books, website or blog. Provide me the appropriate links. Don’t fill your article with lots of links, fill it with good information.
  5. Your post should be submitted as a Word document sent to MD (at) FinancialSuccessMD (dot) com. If your article fits these requirements, just send it to me and if I like it, I will publish it.
  6. You should write about what you know. You should be an expert sharing your knowledge or you should be sharing a personal experience we can learn from. I don’t usually use articles from “content writers.” Please don’t ask me what you should write about.
  7. The article should be 1,200 – 1,500 words in length. Those aren’t hard numbers, just a guideline.
  8. The article should be original, written by you, and not published anywhere else.
  9. No offensive material.
  10. I won’t charge you or pay you for the article since you are my guest.
  11. Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot be used to write an article. It must be written by a real person. 

Here are some interesting ideas for articles I would love to see:

  • Your personal finance story.
  • The financial aspects of interesting groups like physicians, attorneys, dentists, women, minorities, military, mothers, fathers, singles………..
  • Mistakes you’ve made with your finances or home runs you’ve hit.
  • Your adventure with insurance.
  • Transitions, such as finding a first job out of residency, switching jobs, leaving medicine for a non-clinical career, or retiring. Tell us why you did it, what you learned, and how you felt.
  • Lessons in your area of expertise.
  • Side jobs you use to supplement your income or develop passive income for retirement.
  • Real estate adventures both good and bad.
  • Interesting hobbies you enjoy and why they are important to your balanced life.
  • How you maintain work life balance.
  • Interesting vacations.
  • How you keep fit and healthy in a busy schedule.
  • Your journey to become debt free.
  • Something very unique that few of us can experience.
  • Interesting tax issues.
  • Ways you avoid burnout.
  • Interesting ideas you used to avoid or pay off your student debt.

Thank you for having enough interest in my blog to participate in the adventure.