Navigating a Financial Crisis

Navigating a Financial Crisis

Navigate your financial crisis and emerge stronger than before.

A financial crisis can happen to anyone at any time. The most important thing is not to let fear and despair paralyze you and keep you from taking action. Falling into a crisis doesn’t mean you are a failure. Many have come back stronger than they were before their crisis, and so can you. This book will teach you to accurately assess your situation, evaluate your options, and make a workable plan for recovery.

It’s time to take the next right move with your finances:

  • Assess your finances, skills, and connections
  • Curtail spending and make a plan
  • Learn the best ways to deal with debt
  • Consider smart ways to tap into assets like retirement funds and home equity
  • Know what not to do with your emergency fund
  • Understand your options in bankruptcy
  • Preserve your relationships and find your road to recovery


4/8/22,  Dr. B. C. Krygowski

“Dr. Fawcett’s book teaches the reader to take stock of their financial situation, look at what options are available to them, and come up with an executable plan to recover stronger than they were before. I love this because the book is built on the premise that stress can be good for you if you look at it in a growth mindset way, knowing that you can come out stronger on the other end of the trial you’ve endured. “

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7/20/20,  Look For Zebras

“When Dr. Fawcett says “financial crisis,” he truly means crisis…. We can mitigate (or even avoid) a financial crisis by educating ourselves about personal finance principles, by learning how to respond to a financial crisis before we actually face one, and by taking timely and deliberate action when crisis sets in. Ignoring the initial signs of a financial crisis or being in denial about a crisis will only make things worse and make it more difficult to reach financial stability again……having already familiarized yourself with how to navigate a financial crisis will help you respond to it more quickly and successfully. “

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“This is the definitive guide for any professional facing a financial emergency. Take a deep breath, buy this book, and read it cover to cover—I guarantee your outlook will be much improved, and you will have a solid framework to tackle what lies ahead.”

—Joseph Russell, M.D.

“…very well done. Because I recently filed for bankruptcy, this book was refreshing. I initially felt like a failure. Thank you for the empathy displayed throughout.”

—Sasha Taylor

“I love that you incorporated personal experiences—this is one of my favorite things about your books!”

—Jeff Wiencek, M.D.



“I really enjoyed this book! I would describe it as hard-nosed meets heartfelt.”

—Joan Hill