1-on-1 Coaching


If you are looking for something a little more personal or are in dire need of help, one-on-one coaching might be just what the doctor ordered. 

Three Coaching Options

1: Total Financial Makeover (Train your money to do what you want)

Here is a chance to get your financial act together like never before. We will establish your goals and set up a budget to achieve them. We will go over every budget item in detail to weed out the waste and put in your dreams. A plan will be established to get you out of debt quickly and to keep you there. Make sure you have the right kind and amounts of insurance to protect your family. Set up your retirement plans so you will be able to retire at your chosen date. Be sure you are getting enough time off and vacations to keep you from burnout and so much more.

2: High Performance Coaching  (Fight burnout, boost family time, work efficiently) 

I am one of only a few hundred coaches in the world that are Certified High Performance Coaches. This is a very specific program designed to take you to the next level. Studies have been done looking at more than 50,000 High Performance Coaching sessions to discover it has a 95% satisfaction rate, the highest in the industry. It has also been proven to Improve your performance by a full standard deviation. Follow the science!
We will improve your Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence. What would your life look like if all five of those were at their peak for you? This is not life coaching or an accountability program. This is all about high performance. Every session has a goal to achieve and that’s what makes it so powerful.
If you want more out of life, this is the coaching program for you, contact me for a free introductory session for a taste of high performance coaching. 

3: Hourly Consultations  (Single problem to solve)

If you have a single issue you would like to discuss, such as going over the numbers/cash flow calculation of an apartment complex purchase, then this is the option you want.
These issues rarely take more than an hour or two to discuss. The clarity you will have after the consult will allow you to move forward with confidence. If there is anything you are unsure of, then lets talk about it until you are no longer hesitant.



If any of these programs is what you seek, simple hit the “CONTACT ME” button on this page and tell me what you are after and we can take it from there.

As one Doctor put it (she wishes to remain anonymous):

“In the 8 months since I met you I will have increased my effective income $3400 per month, plus will be debt free, plus I now have a financial future! Thanks a million! Literally!!”

The same thinking that got you into financial difficulty or deep in debt, will not usually get you back out of it. Often, a new set of eyes is needed to look at the problem and offer solutions you may not have considered. Those solutions might involve some very difficult choices. A bold move might be necessary and some outside encouragement is often needed to help you take the necessary steps to financial freedom.

Send your contact information to me with the button below and let me know the best way to get in touch so we can get started right away. I’ll get back to you for a no obligation, free consultation. Where we go from there will be up to you.

Don’t delay any longer.contact-me

“My husband and I wasted money on a few financial advisors over the years. We finally were introduced to Cory, who has really helped us a ton. He understood our situation better and spent the time to really help us figure out what we were missing. We’ve paid off more debt in the 2 years after working through Cory’s Financial Makeover program than we paid off in the 10 years prior. We now have all of our taxes paid up to date and money in the bank for emergencies and future taxes. Thanks Cory!”

-Drs. Alex & Cherisa Sandrow

“When I found myself at a financial fork in the road, I wanted someone who had been in my shoes, a physician, to help me with the options. I contacted Dr. Fawcett for a coaching call and he walked me through the choices. The decisions were much easier after thoroughly discussing the options. His advice was well worth the cost.”

-Dr. Ken McCulla

“Dr. Fawcett worked with us in a family setting involving my wife, giving us homework and listening to our story.  He tailored his formula and approach to our particular situation and was flexible and creative.  Some of the steps are quick, some take longer, but all are in concert with getting free of debt and seeing the possibility of things beyond what we originally thought.  Credit is a slave master and a labyrinth but Dr. Fawcett can show you the path out to buy your freedom.   I highly recommend Dr. Fawcett as your guide through the jungle of debt.”

Kevin Teagle DC CCS