Starting Your
Practice/Career Right

Find the practice that’s right for you — and negotiate your contract like a pro

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As you finish your training and begin looking for your first practice, finding the right job is your opportunity to start creating the life of your dreams. Starting Your Practice Right will show you what to look for in a practice, how to evaluate the critical details, and how to pick one that’s right for you. You’ll also learn how to negotiate a work and time-off balance so you can prevent burnout and have time for fun, family, and friends.

This book is about more than the money—but how you choose to allocate your money early in your career directly impacts your future wealth and the age at which you can retire. Too many doctors are carrying perpetual debt and giving a large chunk of each paycheck to the bank.

Begin your career with a plan for tackling the big stuff.
This book maps the critical paths, and shows you how to:

  • Find the type of practice that suits you, in the right location
  • Negotiate your contract to get the pay and time off that you deserve
  • Become the kind of doctor you want to be, with the right reputation
  • Pay off student loan debt easier than you thought possible
  • Protect your assets with the right insurance
  • Plan for retirement and understand the cost of procrastinating
  • Find the right financial and life balance for you and your family


What Others Had to Say:


6/7/20,  Dr. PayItBack

“…a thoughtful piece of writing on one of the most important transitions in the career of a physician…the chapter on contract negotiation, which out of everything is a must-read…a worthy addition to the bookshelf of any resident or young attending. “

Read the full review at the link below:


11/16/19, Brent Lacey, The Scope of Practice

“Dr. Fawcett has managed in just 200 pages to distill the biggest problems that new physicians face and offer solutions for preventing or combating them. If you’re just starting out in practice or still in residency/fellowship, go buy this book immediately!”

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8/11/19, Vince Massara, Book Summary Club

One of the five best books for starting a medical practice

It’s a wonderful book for all physicians whether they’re starting a practice or not. We think this book has great insights into business models, contracts and other practical stuff.

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6/22/19, Wealthy Doc

I read an excellent book by Dr. Fawcett. It covers things I needed to know when leaving residency and getting a “real job.” I wish I read it twenty years ago. I eventually learned all these lessons – but only after trial and error and the school of hard knocks.

Read the full review at the link below:


1/3/19, XRAYVSN

The chapter “Negotiating Your Contract,” by itself is worth the admission price of the book. I wish I had this well thought out checklist when I was presented with my current contract. There are so many negotiating points Cory lists that I would have never even thought about even now, much less back then as a starry-eyed fledgling attending.

Read the full review at the link below:


11/19/18, Wall Street Physician

“I strongly recommend this book to graduating residents. It is full of practical advice that residents need to make thoughtful decisions during their job search and starting their medical career in the right direction.

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7/11/17, Physician on Fire

Launching a career is an exciting, but potentially overwhelming project. There are so many considerations when it comes to the practice, housing, lifestyle, debt management, etc… Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a textbook to guide you through this jungle? Thanks to Dr. Cory S. Fawcett, there now is.”

Read the full review at the link below:


“I found this to be an absolutely outstanding book. It should be required reading for every resident and I am certain they would welcome the guidance to successfully navigate the early stages of their medical career.”

Sean Traynor

“There’s just a whole lot of important stuff in here. NONE OF IT was addressed by ANYONE in my training track.”

Nathan Kemalyan, MD, FACS