Eliminating Debt



The best way I can describe this book is “Dave Ramsey for Doctors without the bad investing advice.”

James Dahle M.D.
The White Coat Investor

Too many doctors are carrying perpetual debt and giving away a large chunk of each paycheck as interest to the bank. The Doctors Guide to Eliminating Debt can show you how to pay off debt faster than you imagined—including your house.

Being in debt is not a default condition. Understand the real cost and that it’s not too late to change the course of your financial life. Being debt-free is empowering, liberating, and invigorating, but most doctors don’t realize they can do it without significant sacrifice.

You don’t have to carry lifelong debt

If you are feeling trapped by your financial obligations, realize there is a way out. In this book, you’ll find what you need to know to:

  • Choose the best path if you are drowning in debt
  • Recognize biased financial advice
  • Pay off student loans and your house—faster than you expected
  • Balance spending, loan repayment, and investing
  • Make compound interest work for you, instead of against you
  • Retire sooner than you expected

This second book in the Doctors Guide series shows you how to establish control of your money—and ultimately your life.


What Others Have to Say:

2/16/21, Dr. Pay It Back

“I think this would be a great first book for any young or mid-career attending who feels overwhelmed by their debt but is afraid to tackle the problem (or doesn’t even know that it can be tackled). It’s so easy to get trapped in our own little world and perspective, and this might be just the thing to knock that person out of their rut.”

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3/23/20, The Scope of Practice

“All physicians should be required to read at least five books on personal finance. I think this is a great book to include in any top five list for physicians.”

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2/12/20, xrayvsn

“Cory drives home the fact that a proper balance, enjoying your current stage of life as well as insuring a happy life later, is the key to a life well lived.”

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6/22/19, Wealthy Doc

“Do yourself a favor and let Dr. Fawcett’s excellent book be your guide to get out from the financial hole you found yourself in.”

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4/9/19, Pediatrician Finds FI, KPeds

“This is a great book if you are just hearing about the idea of debt being a “pants on fire emergency.” And if he can successfully convince you to prioritize ridding yourself of debt, and then staying debt free, then this quickly becomes one of those life changing reads.” 

“His chapter on spotting bad advice is a must read.

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12/5/18, The Frugal Physician

“If I were in Harry Potter, Dr. Fawcett would be my patronus. Seriously, the book documents, in an easy to read way, everything I learned the hard way. I wish I had read this way earlier in my journey to learn about finances….I highly recommend it to anyone trying to get started with understanding money….I love how Dr. Fawcett uses medical similes to explain difficult to understand financial topics….So, what are you waiting for?  Gain some wisdom, son!   This book is worth the money.

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10/21/18, The Debt Free Doctor

“It’s such a great and must read book.”

“This book is a quick read that any health care professional student or young doctor could certainly benefit from reading. We, as doctors, don’t have an income problem. We usually suffer from an expense problem and are not willing to face it. This book helps us to face our debts head on and put together a plan to do something about it.”

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5/11/18, The Physician Philosopher

“The reason to buy this book is to provide perspective.  Perspective that medical students, residents, and young medical professionals desperately need. After all, you cannot fix a problem if you don’t realize how big the problem is first.  It’s just like an iceberg.”

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4/20/18, Dr. B.C. Krygowski

“Within seven hours of Dr. Fawcett’s book showing up at our house, the remainder of my student loans were paid off!”

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5/16/17, Physician on Fire

“But this book isn’t just a how-to. It also covers why-to. Dr. Fawcett shares his debt story and how he attacked debt when he realized it was getting out of hand.”

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12/11/16, Dr. Pam Wible

“Imagine seeing patients because you want to (not because you have to). Best of all: you’ll be able to live your dream.”

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“I just finished your book, The Doctors Guide to Eliminating Debt. I wanted to get in touch with you and thank you for writing it. I took away many points that I think will have a great impact on my family’s life.”

-Michael Gelatt, DO

“Well, I paid (my mortgage) off two months ago and now I am debt free! Received the deed a month ago. DR. CORY S. FAWCETT WAS 100% RIGHT! Even though I always had enough saved to easily pay if off at any time, I am feeling fantastic in ways I could not have imagined. I realize it was probably not the best financial move, and I would love a nicer place, but debt free life plus substantial savings is AMAZING. Totally the right choice, and thanks.”


“We are debt free! Knocked out the loans in about 13 months. Mortgage and student loan payments have been redirected to retirement accounts and I bought a used corvette as a reward (with cash of course)! 40 with no payments feels pretty good. I recommend your book to all the students and residents that rotate with me.”


“I am motivated now to retire at 60 instead of 65, thanks to you. The rat race is getting to me a bit and the chance to operate as a locums rather than a slave to my job is appealing.”

– Rob Bents, MD

“I just reread The Doctors Guide to Eliminating Debt. What a great book. I can say conservatively your book is likely to save Kathy and I hundreds of thousands of dollars in the coming years.”

-Joseph Freeman, DO 

“The Doctors Guide to Eliminating Debt inspires in a meaningful way and helps put a plan in action. This is an important book for anyone pursuing a medical career.”

– William Merbs, Vice-Chair & Instructor of Anatomy, Medical Anatomical Sciences, Western University