My Solo Practitioner Spouse Died Unexpectedly

My Solo Practitioner Spouse Died Unexpectedly (Today’s guest post comes from the wife of a solo practitioner whose unexpected death came at a relatively young age. Her story reminds us how unpredictable life is and the importance of planning ahead. She prefers to tell her story anonymously.) I missed a phone call one day while … Read more

Six Good Things Brought About by the Pandemic

The pandemic our world is experiencing will result in some modifications to life as we know it. After living through a bad event, we tend to come out the other side with new knowledge that will bring about some needed changes to better our world. Yes, death is bad and the loss of one’s job … Read more

Have We Lost Our Common Sense in this Crisis?

I am reading articles and watching “news” broadcasts and social media statements that make me wonder if the current crisis has taken away our common sense. People are citing impossibilities as if anyone could do them. They often look back with 20/20 hindsight thinking people should have known things that there was no way to … Read more