Would you like to be able to spend Freely?

Nothing messes up a good plan for a balanced financial life more than overspending your income. It’s human nature, but it’s like a siren call luring us to our death—as doctors we spent so many years under financial restraint, when it’s lifted we tend to go overboard. We buy too much house, too many toys, … Read more

Should I Pay Off Debt or Invest?

I am frequently asked the following question: “Should I pay off my student loans before I put money aside to invest in the stock market?” The person asking this quick and simple question is looking for a yes or no answer. The problem I am faced with is there is not enough information in the … Read more

New Podcast Interview

New podcast interview Taylor Brana, a fourth year medical student, started a new podcast series on his website TheHappyDoc.com. He is featuring interviews with happy doctors with the hopes of showing both current doctors and future doctors, that you can still be a happy doctor. I was his subject in today’s podcast. We had a … Read more

Balance Is The Key To Becoming Debt Free

All of life is a balancing act. Driving a car is a delicate balance between the gas, the brake, and the steering wheel. Too much brake and we go nowhere. Too much gas and we can’t control the car. Too much left turn and we end up in the ditch. When we attain balance between … Read more

10 lessons I learned from an old movie

Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life,” 1946, is my all-time favorite movie. I was discussing it this Christmas and someone asked my why it was my favorite movie. I had never thought of that before. Why was this my favorite movie? So this Christmas I watched the movie with that question in mind and I … Read more

The Debt-Free Advantage

Being debt-free has many advantages. When you have no debt, you have much less stress. You don’t worry about making the mortgage payment. When the family is going on vacation, you don’t have to stay home and work to keep paying the overhead. When the hospital tells you about the new changes in your contract, … Read more