Do It Yourself Investing

Have you ever wanted to be your own investment advisor? Have you ever cringed at the fees you are paying for investment advice? Does your investment advisor make more money off your portfolio than you do? Now is your chance to learn what it takes to be your own investment advisor.

I have been asked numerous times to recommend a course to my readers on investing. But up until now, I had not found an online course on this topic that I was willing to recommend. But when my friend, Dr. James Dahle, The White Coat Investor, showed me his new course, “Fire Your Financial Advisor,” I Knew that many of my readers would benefit from his insight and advice. Don’t let the title fool you though, it’s not really for firing anyone. It’s a chance to learn to do your own investing.

Dr. Dahle was one of the first physicians to teach his fellow doctors, and other high income professionals, about making their own investments. His mission is to see that we all get a fair shake on Wall Street. Now he has put his investment advice together in one place, in one short eight hour course, to allow others to benefit from his knowledge. And he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

The following are just a few of the topics included in his course:

What you need to know about financial advisors
What you need to know about insurance
How to destroy your student loan balance
How to create a smart investment plan
The different types of investment accounts
How to purchase stocks, bonds and mutual funds
The essentials of estate planning and asset protection

He has divided his course into 12 sections including both video explanations and some worksheets and forms for you to use. Pre and post tests are also included, just like in our CME courses, to be sure we have retained the essentials from his videos.

Flat fee financial advisors charge between $5,000 and $10,000 a year for their advice. This $499 course, less than most of your CME courses, may be the most valuable CME you have ever taken. It might not completely remove your need for a financial advisor, but having greater understanding about investing could cut your advisor costs in half, saving you a fortune.

If you are just getting started with investing, would like to spend less on your financial advice, or you just want to know more about investing, then this is the course for you.

Click here to learn more about “Fire Your Financial Advisor” now. I should tell you that as an affiliate partner of the White Coat Investor, I received a free copy of the course. This allowed me to preview the material before recommending it to you. Believe me when I say, this course is excellent and its value can’t be beat. If you order “Fire Your Financial Advisor” through my site, I get a commission which will help pay my website costs and support me in my mission to bring great financial advice to doctors and other high income professionals.

Since he is also offering a seven day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, what have you got to lose? Order your course today.

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