Don’t Buy a House When You Get a Job

It’s that time of year again. Over 30,000 medical residents are about to finish their training and start their first job. Many of them will make some big financial mistakes during their first year that will haunt them for years to come. I wrote The Doctors Guide to Starting Your Practice Right to help new … Read more

Becoming Debt Free with Zero Sacrifice

Most people don’t realize how easy it is to become debt free. Instead they envision a horrible drop in lifestyle and great sacrifices that include turning back the clock to medical school days where they were living on peanut butter and Top Raman. When in fact, no sacrifice is required to become debt free. All … Read more

Success is Not Measured by Income

Too many doctors today believe that their income is what determines their level of success. This is a fallacy that is hurting way too many doctors. We hear things like “Become a specialist so you can make the big bucks” or “Now that I’m an attending, I can afford the payments on a new Tesla” … Read more

Eight Great Reasons to Begin Eliminating Debt This Year

Most Americans live their lives on borrowed money, constantly spending a little more than they make, leaving them with a growing debt. These debt payments, and the added interest they must pay on their debt, decreases the amount of money that they have available to spend on future needs. Paradoxically, borrowing to buy depreciating items, … Read more

The Gift that Changed my Life

We have all received many gifts throughout our lifetime. Most are long gone and forgotten, but a few gifts stand out as favorites. As kids we are given so many toys that we don’t even remember most of them. As we get older, practical gifts like ties and socks are given. Sometimes people don’t know … Read more

An Unusual Mission Trip

In December of 2011, I made a career move that changed my life. My life as a surgeon was getting stale. Doing the same old thing for two decades was getting old and I was looking for something to breathe new life into my surgical practice. I decided to look into doing a short term … Read more

What I Wish the Younger Me Knew About Debt

As Christmas approaches, I have begun seeing ads for things our family ‘must’ have this Christmas. Overspending in December is a common problem I often find when I do a financial makeover for doctors. There is a huge push to buy things during the Christmas season, whether they can afford it or not. Those who … Read more