Six Lessons I Learned From my Dad

With Father’s Day approaching, I would like to share six lessons that I learned from my dad. Parents have a big responsibility in bringing up the next generation. Our kids learn from watching what we do more than hearing what we say. So doing what’s right pays dividends with our kids. As physicians, we miss … Read more

Fawcett’s Favorites 4-29-19

Every week I run into a few articles that I feel are especially valuable, so each Monday I plan to share some of the best with you, my readers. I hope you find them helpful. This week’s favorites include lump sum contributions for college savings accounts, saving for college vs. saving for retirement, the crucial … Read more

Fawcett’s Favorites 4-8-19

(Only 14 days left in the promotion for my new online course, The Doctors Guide to Thriving in Locum Tenens. If you are doing or thinking about doing locums, don’t miss out on this opportunity.) Every week I run into a few articles that I feel are especially valuable, so each Monday I plan to … Read more

Look Before You Leap With Disability Insurance; ACS Plan Review

(Today’s guest post comes from Lawrence B. Keller, CFP, CLU, ChFC, RHU, LUTCF, who is a paid advertiser on Prescription for Financial Success. Mr. Keller specializes in own-occupation disability insurance for physicians, something all working physicians need. His comments on this plan will give you a good handle of some things you should be thinking … Read more

Declare Independence From Debt

This month America celebrates its independence. As a country, independence is true, but as individuals, many suffer in bondage. The need to “have it now” has led to such consumerism that debt has grown to unbelievable levels. It’s time to declare independence from debt. Debt bondage is not a new thing. Several thousand years ago … Read more

Don’t work on vacation

Have you ever found yourself packing work to take on your vacation? I caught myself doing just that a few weeks ago as I was packing to go to Hawaii for two weeks. I realized a lot of us face that same problem. We have so much to do that we even cram it into … Read more