How I Knew it was Time to Retire

Many people have asked me how I knew it was the right time to retire. They are struggling with the decision and are afraid to pull the trigger too soon. Retiring from medicine is almost a final move as it is very difficult to return after being away for a period of time. I haven’t … Read more

Who Benefits Most From Locums?

Being a locum doctor can be a fun and fulfilling life. My first experience with locums was when a surgeon who spent a year training under me during his residency, called asking for help after his two partners left and he was suddenly the only general surgeon in town. He called at a perfect time. … Read more

Getting More Thank-You’s

(Doximity recently published this article of mine on setting up a local mission clinic. It originally appeared here, but some of you are not on Doximity so, with Doximity’s permission, I have republished it on my site for your reading pleasure) Many physicians would like to use their skills on the mission field, but have a … Read more

How to Get Start Up Capital From Your IRA

(This week we have a guest post from Rick Pendykoski, who helps set up self-directed IRA accounts at Self Directed Retirement Plans, LLC. These accounts have more flexibility as to where you can invest the money than a typical IRA account. You can even invest the money in your new business or real estate venture. … Read more

Are You a Good Fit For Locums?

Locum Tenens is a great way to make a living or earn some extra income. But frankly, there are some groups of physicians who should not even consider doing locums work. When you pair the right person with the right job, you can get employment bliss. But when the wrong person takes a job, both … Read more

My Burnout Recovery Plan Worked!

(Today’s guest post comes to us from England. I met Dr. Nikki Ramskill in Orlando at a conference we both attended, FINCON18. She went through a tough time as an OB/GYN specialist and burnout caused her to take some time off in 2015. She decided to go back into training and switch to a less … Read more

Why I Gave Up Obstetrics at Age 43

(Today’s guest post comes from a very thankful reader. Her life was changed by reading my book, The Doctors Guide to Smart Career Alternatives and Retirement. She was kind enough to send me a thank you note and I asked if she would be willing to tell her story to all my readers. She agreed, … Read more