The Doctors Guide to Thriving in Locum Tenens, the Video Course

The wait is over, The Doctors Guide to Thriving in Locum Tenens went live on Monday, April 1, 2019.

I spent the final three years of my general surgery career as a locums surgeon giving call relief to lone surgeons working in critical access hospitals in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve just finished putting all that experience into a great video course, The Doctors Guide to Thriving in Locum Tenens.

This course contains 38 videos and several down loadable files filled with easy to use step by step instructions pertaining to every aspect of the locums journey. Now you don’t have to figure out all the details about becoming a successful locums doctor, you can learn from my experience.  Whether you want to do locums part time, full time, or just a weekend now and then, don’t start without first learning the ropes. If you are already doing locums, here’s a chance to pick up some tips to make your locums life even better.

This easy to use course is broken into 38 individual sections for easy reference that can be watched in any order and can be referred to again and again. Students can watch the videos, or download the mp3 files and listen to them in an audio version. The transcript of each video is also available for those who learn best by reading.

Here’s a chance to do a CME type course in your own home without the need to spend your valuable time and money traveling or taking time off from work.

Here’s what a few colleagues had to say about the course:

“The course is pristine, professional, and I like the format.”

“Straightforward, loaded with perks and things I did not even realize were important if someone wants to do locums.”

“Definitely worth the price.”

“The content is great, and the videos all load easily even from my iPhone.” 

“I liked how easy it was to purchase and open up.”

I am so convinced that this course will help you that I am offering a money back guarantee during the first week after you buy the course.

As a special thank you for purchasing the course during the initial launch, if you buy it before midnight Pacific Time on Easter, April 21st, 2019 you will receive a complete autographed set of my Doctors Guide book series. All three books will be shipped to your continental US address as a special gift for trusting me to help you make your locums life a smashing success. This book series includes:

The Doctors Guide to Starting Your Practice Right

The Doctors Guide to Eliminating Debt

The Doctors Guide to Smart Career Alternatives and Retirement

Below I have listed the titles of each of the 38 videos found in the course. You will find everything you need for a successful and rewarding locums life.

Watch an introductory video or buy the course by clicking here

1: Introduction and Welcome

               1.1: Introduction and welcome

2: Why Locums

               2.1: What is locum tenens and why is it so valuable

               2.2: Why locums is such a great opportunity for you

3: Advantages and Solutions to Disadvantages

               3.1: Advantages of locums

               3.2: Disadvantages of locums and how to overcome them

               3.3: Handling payroll as a 1099 independent contractor

               3.4: Employee benefits

               3.5: Familiarity with your work environment

               3.6: Stability in your home life

               3.7: Dealing with multiple jobs

4: Is Locums for YOU

               4.1: Who should do locums

               4.2: Who should not do locums

5: Getting Assignments

               5.1: Defining the ideal assignment

               5.2: Locating an ideal assignment

               5.3: Assessing the offered assignment

               5.4: Accepting the assignment

6: Locums Agency vs. Freelance Contracting

               6.1: Should you use a locums agency

               6.2: Dealing with your locums agency

               6.3: Should you deal directly with hospitals

               6.4: Dealing directly with hospitals

7: License and Credentialing Issues

               7.1: Getting licensed

               7.2: Getting credentialed

               7.3: Organizing your credentialing information

               7.4: My credentials box tour

8: Becoming a Stand Out Locums Doctor

               8.1: Things to do before you start an assignment

               8.2: How to look good on your assignment

9: Making it More Like Home

               9.1: Housing

               9.2: Making it more like home

               9.3: Maintaining your hobbies on the road

               9.4: Keep up your fitness routine

               9.5: Miscellaneous tips

10: Contracts and Money

               10.1: Contracts

               10.2: Getting paid

               10.3: Taxes

               10.4: Malpractice insurance

11: Business Models and Retirement Accounts

               11.1: Business models

               11.2: Retirement accounts

12: Final Tips

               12.1: Miscellaneous closing tips

Watch an introductory video or buy the course by clicking here

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