Why I Own a Motorhome

When my wife and I moved to Southern Oregon to start my career in as a surgeon, we had not even thought about owning a motorhome. My partners were the inciting factor that lead to the purchase. They were old school doctors who thought each doctor should always cover their own patients on the weekend … Read more

Coronavirus Devastated Our Vacation

Last year, a couple we have traveled with contacted us to see if we would join them on a new adventure to China. I initially said no. China was not on my list of places I was just dying to see. At the time I didn’t know how literal that statement would be. Then they … Read more

Fawcett’s Favorites 10-7-19

(Don’t miss the release of my newest book, The Doctors Guide to Real Estate Investing for Busy Professionals (Who Don’t Think Real Estate is for Them) on October 11th. Be sure to get your copy on the day it comes out, and please leave a review on Amazon.) Every week I run into a few … Read more

Never Fly When You Can Drive

Several years ago I had a discussion with one of my residents. He was telling me about how great it was to fly back to Portland to visit his girlfriend. The airplane flight was only 45 minutes and fairly inexpensive. This conversation got me thinking about travel and what mode of transportation is best for … Read more