Is it time to get some life insurance?

Here we are, coming down the home stretch and about to finish residency. With an increased income comes some new financial decisions. The need for life insurance is one of those decisions. If you don’t have any, now would be a good time to consider getting some. The purpose of life insurance is to support … Read more

We lost it all with our McMansion

Those of you who have been following me or have read my book, The Doctors Guide to Starting Your Practice/Career Right, know that I am not a supporter of buying a house right away when you move to a new job. There are many reasons to postpone purchasing a house including; doctors have a fifty … Read more

Why Don’t Most Americans Have a Will?

Today, as I write this, I sadly read about another celebrity with significant wealth who died without a will. Aretha Franklin left behind an estate worth $80 million with significant future royalties and no instructions for who should receive her fortune. Over the next few years, we will hear about the fighting and legal battles … Read more

Do You Have a Ring Fund?

Our wedding rings I just returned from going on a weekend men’s retreat with my oldest son, Brian. We had a nice weekend together and my favorite part was the three hour drive each way. It gave us a chance to talk, which doesn’t happen as often as I’d like since he moved to his … Read more

Balance Is The Key To Becoming Debt Free

All of life is a balancing act. Driving a car is a delicate balance between the gas, the brake, and the steering wheel. Too much brake and we go nowhere. Too much gas and we can’t control the car. Too much left turn and we end up in the ditch. When we attain balance between … Read more

5 disadvantages of being an employee

Recent trends in the practice of medicine have been shifting from a predominantly private practice model toward an employment model. Many factors are driving this. The popular emphasis on work-life balance has promoted the impression that it’s better as an employee, which is not necessarily true. Skyrocketing debt from training is making doctors reluctant to … Read more