Do You Have a Ring Fund?

Our wedding rings I just returned from going on a weekend men’s retreat with my oldest son, Brian. We had a nice weekend together and my favorite part was the three hour drive each way. It gave us a chance to talk, which doesn’t happen as often as I’d like since he moved to his … Read more

When Should You Cancel Your Life Insurance?

Firefighters Lost on 9-11 I was recently asked the following question: When is the right time to cancel a life insurance policy? Previously I wrote a blog about how to calculate the right amount of life insurance to purchase. You can read it here. This information is also found in my book “The Doctors Guide … Read more

Finding an Unbiased Financial Advisor

We all can use advice from time to time. Sometimes that advice is about personal finances, Investing, or borrowing. When choosing this person, stay away from financial advisors who have a conflict of interest. The advisor who makes money on your investment decisions is like the pharmaceutical rep who is telling you all about his … Read more

Becoming one with your finances

Last night I read a very interesting article about a woman who just discovered her husband had more money in his 401k than she had is hers while making the same income. They have both been saving for several years, but he had been putting a larger percentage into his plan than she had put … Read more