Get More Done and Have More Free Time

I just finished reading a great book, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport. This book taught me many things about myself and how I use my time. I think all doctors would benefit from what I learned. According to Cal, almost everything we do can be placed into … Read more

Will You Miss Medicine When You Retire?

Today was the first time since I retired from clinical medicine, that I missed my old career. My wife and I watched a Hallmark movie that we recorded before Christmas titled “Christmas Under Wraps,” starring Candace Cameron-Bure as a young doctor who wanted to become a surgeon, but ended up in Alaska helping patients in … Read more

Three steps to stop living paycheck to paycheck

Many doctors today find themselves living paycheck to paycheck. They make a good income but just never seem to get caught up. Non-doctors see us as rich. But many of us are just broke on a larger salary. The whole reason I began Prescription for Financial Success – Helping Healthcare Professionals Thrive, stemmed from a … Read more

The key to Time Management

Carolyn and me in the Aegean Sea. High performers constantly struggle with the issue of time management. The more things you are good at, the more people who think you have talent, the more opportunities you are presented with, the harder time management becomes. In order to manage your time, you must first grasp one … Read more

Do you remember why you became a doctor?

This week KevinMD published an article of mine about finding your ‘why’ in medicine. Below is a small section from the article. What was your “why?” Why did you become a physician? Why do you continue to practice medicine? Why have you not left medicine for another career? It is the answer to these questions … Read more

Vacations are good for your health

I received an e-mail from a friend with a good idea I hadn’t thought of before. As I sat on the back of the paddle wheel boat, The American Empress, riding up the Columbia River Gorge on vacation with my parents, his email was especially timely. His suggestion was to plan on working two years … Read more