How to make 2017 your happiest year ever.

My favorite movie of all time just happens to be the Christmas movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Here we see one man look back and see all the wonderful things that have happened in his life instead of dwelling on the one bad thing that happened recently. How often have we needed to do this? We spend so much time concentrating on the things we are unhappy about and totally forget all the good in our life. This year when you wake up Christmas morning, think about all the things you have been blessed with. Here are 20 things on my list.

1) I woke up today.
2) I have something to eat for breakfast.
3) I have a wife beside me who loves me.
4) I have children of good character.
5) My health is good.
6) I have enough money to not worry about today.
7) I have a mission for my life.
8) I have hot and cold running clean water to use at will.
9) I have a means of transportation in the garage.
10) I can turn on the lights whenever I want.
11) I have a refrigerator to keep food fresh.
12) I still have my parents to visit.
13) I have a home to live in and keep me warm.
14) There are presents under the tree.
15) I can celebrate the birth of my savior without fear.
16) I have a church of my denomination nearby.
17) I have friends to do things with.
18) I have a Christmas tree covered with memories.
19) I have in-laws I enjoy visiting.
20) I have a steady source of income.

My list could continue on but I’ll stop there. We do not need to dwell on the things we dislike about our lives. That only makes us miserable. Why not choose instead to be happy and enjoy the blessings we have been given. Your list will look different than mine, but you still have a long list if you will think about it.

My challenge to you this Christmas is to make that list. Pick 20 things you are blessed to have or are thankful for and write them down. Really, stop now and write them down. Post your list somewhere you can see it and read it every time you start getting down on yourself about something. Life is too short to waste in pity parties. You are indeed blessed, so start acting like you know it. Choose to be happy and make 2017 your happiest year ever.

Merry Christmas
Dr. Cory S. Fawcett

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