How to Achieve the One Thing Almost Everyone Wants

When I speak with people about their goals and dreams, almost everyone gives the same answer. How can it be so many people, with such a diverse background, would want the same thing? So what is this universal human desire? The quest for MORE!

More money, more time off from work, more time with their family, more travel, more RVUs, more rental real estate, more house, more muscles, more weight loss, more friends, more non-clinical income, more skill, more happiness, more acreage, more fame, more awards, more lake frontage, more book sales, more speed, more fitness, more net worth, more profit, more love, more vacations, more education, more clients, more office space, more likes, more search engine optimization, more followers, more kids, more speaking gigs, more podcast guests, more recognition……………. 

The most interesting thing about this ubiquitous desire for more, is that only one thing is needed to achieve every one of these diverse items. 

I was initially surprised when I learned that so many different things can be achieved by mastering one single trait. But the more people I take though my High Performance Coaching program, the more I realize this universal truth is true. When people master this one trait, almost anything they want is possible to achieve. And almost every person I have coached, has struggled with this same single issue. 

The missing ingredient is Clarity.

If one is clear about what they want in life, then they will be able to do whatever it takes to get it. Just remember this quote by Peter McWilliams: 

You can have anything in life you really want,

but you can’t have everything in life you really want.


That is where clarity comes in. If you hone in on the thing you really want, you can get it. If you are not sure what you want, or the list is too long to be effective, then you almost assuredly will not get it. 

If you want more fitness, then that will become your focus. You exercise more, sleep more, eat better and you become fit. When something else comes up for you to do, if it doesn’t align with your goal to become fit, you can easily say no to the other great opportunity. 

If you want to spend more time with your family, and you are clear about that desire, then you can say no to the committee meeting scheduled to conflict with your family dinner time. Let the committee members know why you can’t join the meeting. They may realize that family time is important to them also and reschedule the meeting for a better time.

Clarity is like a magnifying glass focusing the sun’s rays. When you focus the sun on one point, it can start a fire. When you focus your time and effort on something you are absolutely clear about wanting, then you can achieve it. You are unlikely to achieve a goal without first being clear about wanting it above all other desires. 

One problem you will face is the abundance of great opportunities that will cross your path. The shortcoming you will experience is not enough time to do everything that would be good to do. You must whittle this list of great opportunities down to the one thing you really want to achieve. You must have just one overriding thing that you are working on at a time. You can achieve greatness if you concentrate your effort.

I love the scene in the movie City Slickers where two “cowboys” are riding along with the herd discussing life. The younger cowboy asks about the secret of life. The older cowboy holds up a single finger and says it’s one thing. You’ve got to find your one thing. The younger cowboy asks what the one thing is. The older cowboy tells him, that’s what you must figure out. You’ve got to find your one thing.

Since you can’t do everything, you must concentrate your effort on the best things for you and your family. Great opportunities will come along, tempting you to get off the path of accomplishing your one thing. You must stick to your guns and move forward toward your one thing. Then you will find happiness.

I remember when a great opportunity landed in my lap while I was in the process of writing a book. At the time, writing the book was my one thing. The previous year, I had directed the Christmas Eve service at church. We called it “A Little Bit of Bethlehem.” We went all out and turned the sanctuary and foyer of the church into the stable where Jesus was born. We had farm animals, animal noises, hay scattered all around and a live Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. The Christmas story was told from a shepherd’s point of view. I lead Christmas carols and the kids sang a couple tunes. It was a great evening. I was asked the following November if I would direct another Christmas Eve Service. 

While I was debating whether I would accept the invitation, my wife reminded me of my one thing. She asked me to recall the large amount of time that went into the production last year. Then she reminded me that the deadline for turning in the first draft of my new book to the publisher was quickly approaching. Then she asked the million dollar question: Will taking on this new project help you accomplish your one thing, finishing your book on time? 

When you ask it like that, the answer was obvious. There was no way for me to take on the Christmas Eve production and still meet my publishing deadline while at the same time enjoying my life. I knew I had to turn down the offer. The choice became very easy. I can’t do every good thing that comes along. I must pick and choose the best things for me and my family. I can only do this when I have clarity as to what I want in life. 

Everyone who has gone through my high performance coaching program has gained clarity. With better clarity, tough decisions become easier. The best things in life become possible. Goals are achieved more rapidly. Life is much happier when you discover and then achieve your one thing

If you are not clear about your one thing,

then finding your one thing should be your one thing.

-Dr. Cory S. Fawcett

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

-Stephen Covey

You gotta make it a priority to make your priorities a priority.

-Richie Norton

If you are struggling with clarity, and you want more ‘X’ in your life, then contact me and let’s get started on your personal High Performance journey. I’m taking advantage of the “I’m stuck home because of COVID” opportunity while it lasts to offer a few extra slots of one-on-one coaching. I’m limiting my coaching to a small number of clients at a time in order to still enjoy my retirement. My one thing is to help doctors have a better life, and offering this course is one way to achieve that goal.

Contact me at MD @ Financial Success MD . com (without the spaces of course) to schedule a free one hour session so we can determine if this program is right for you. Remember that more is only one thing away.

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  1. Great post. One of the best to do this was Steve Jobs. It is much, MUCH more challenging to cut things out than to add things on…


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