The biggest breakthrough of the year!

Now and then, life hands us remarkable breakthroughs which offer us a quantum leap forward. Some examples include: passing medical boards, getting married, the birth of a child, or even shipping the first COVID-19 vaccine to the world.

I had one such breakthrough the first week of December when I was taking my recertification class as a High Performance Coach, which is a four day intensive training that I must do every other year to stay certified. The bulk of the class consists of coaching and being coached through the twelve proven sessions with other students in class. Although I have been through each session many times, I still find it amazing that even when I know the topic forward and backward, I continue to learn more when a coach pushes me to become my best self. 

This time, when I was coached through the Purpose Mastery Module, I had a life changing breakthrough that may have been my most important 20 minutes of 2020. Sharing what I learned with you may give you the same breakthrough.

As I was preparing to retire, I went through a long process to find a purpose for my retirement years. Many physicians who retire without a purpose, find themselves returning to work because they are bored. I found a new purpose for my life in teaching physicians about personal finance, which I have been enjoying. 

As I discussed this purpose with my beta coach, I mentioned that lately I have felt like I was drifting. I felt unproductive and a little lost. I would start each day with a long to-do list and by the end of the day I would still have many things on the list. It made me feel like I was not getting anything done, even though I would cross many things off the list. 

Often, the most important thing on the list did not get accomplished. During my session I realized that those other, less important, things on the list were keeping me from doing the most important things. Leaving the important things undone, I felt like a failure for the day. 

I liken this to company forecasts in the stock market. If a company stated expected earnings of $100,000,000 but they only earned $90,000,000, they will have missed their projection, be considered a failure, and the stock price will drop. 

If that same company had forecasted $80,000,000 in earnings, but instead hit that same $90,000,000, they would be elated and their stock price would go through the roof for exceeding expectations. Either way a $90,000,000 earnings report should be fabulous. But depending on how you look at it, it can be a time to celebrate or mourn.

I realized I was treating my days the same way as these earnings reports. I would write down everything plus fixing the kitchen sink on my daily to-do list and set myself up for failure every day. Then every day I felt like I was not productive enough. But if I look at my accomplishments for this year, I achieved many of my goals. I wrote 2 books, published one of them and the other will come out next year, wrote recorded and produced an online video course, wrote two blog articles each week, was a guest on several podcasts and virtual conferences, and still found time to be a dad and husband while fixing up many things around the house. So why did I feel like I was drifting?

Then came the breakthrough. I need to treat every day with the same need for a purpose as I treated my retirement era. If every day had a purpose, and I accomplish that purpose, then the day will have been a success!

So I made a sign that says: Every day needs a purpose. Today’s focus is_______.

This made a big transformation in how I use my to-do list. If today’s purpose is to write this week’s blog article, then nothing else should be on my to-do list. Then no little thing on the list will keep me from fulfilling today’s purpose. Once I complete the task/purpose for the day, I have had a successful day and I can pat myself on the back and move on to do whatever other things I want. 

I have found I am now getting a lot more done. Also, what I am getting done is the most important things on my to-do list. I keep my to-do list on my phone which contains four categories of listings. Priority one is today’s purpose. I now only put 1-3 things in priority one. I cannot move on to anything in a lower priority list until all of category one has been completed. This keeps me working on the most important stuff until it is finished, and then I can do as much as I want on lower-level priorities as a bonus.

I no longer feel like I am drifting. The bigger projects are getting done and I feel happier, more energetic and I can see the results. 

I got so much out of that one session that I decided to do something I have never done before. Since I am going to be home for the next few months, no travel until I and most of the country are vaccinated, I decided to give 12 people an opportunity to go through one-on-one high-performance coaching with me starting in January. I usually take on clients sporadically as they contact me, as long as I have an opening in my schedule. Looking forward to 2021, I have opened my schedule to accommodate a greater number of clients realizing first-hand how life changing these coaching sessions are.

High performance coaching is not life coaching, therapy, cheerleading, or accountability. It is also not to be confused with my Financial Makeover Program which delves into your finances to transform your financial future. This program will walk you through the only study proven method (50,000+ in the study) for drastically increasing a person’s performance. If you want to make more money, be a better father, husband, mother, wife, improve your work performance, or start on your way to an Olympic gold medal, High Performance Coaching will get you there. 

This is not group coaching and you will not be handed off to a “hired” coach. This coaching program consists of a one-on-one telephone call with me each week for twelve weeks, taking you through each of the twelve modules. This initial round of twelve coaching sessions will lead you to major transformations in your: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence. 

If you have been drifting in 2020 and are ready to take any aspect of your life to the next level in 2021, this is your chance. Contact me for an application. ( After I see your application, we will schedule a free introductory session as a test drive. Only if we both agree to proceed will we start the program. The first twelve applicants who complete the application process will get the slots. 

This program can be paid in three monthly installments of $1,300 or one up-front payment of $3,600, a $300 savings.

Let’s get 2021 off to a great start and make it your best year ever. I’m so excited to help you transform your life through high performance coaching. 

If you are ready to go to the next level, I’m ready to take you there. In the meantime, limit your to-do list to only the 1-3 things that will make the greatest impact on your life each day. Everything else is a distraction that keeps you from accomplishing your most important task. So, only do those distractions after your daily purpose is complete. Do this one thing and you will see your productivity go through the roof.

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3 thoughts on “The biggest breakthrough of the year!”

  1. Great advice.
    I had a practice for a while of making a “top 3” to do list for each day. Even if you only get one thing done off a list with 3 things on it, you still feel good, because those 3 things were likely to be important. Your post has me resurrecting this, so thanks!

    I have been thinking of doing some type of coaching, but am never sure about the cost versus benefit. Maybe 2021 is the year to pull the trigger on it. 😀

    • Space Doc, I’m glad I sparked something in you to improve your life. About pulling the trigger on coaching, this is a great chance for you. I can send you a questionnaire to fill out and we can schedule a free one hour strategy session and it would give you a chance to kick the tires and have a glimpse of what you will get for your money. Most people who read my blogs are conscious about the cost/benefit ratio of things, and so am I. Getting a free chance to see the benefit will help you with the decision. Whatever you decide, I hope you work to make 2021 your best year ever.

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    I experienced a similar breakthrough about a year after I went to part-time work.
    I was used to seeing 20 or so patients a day when working. So on my “off” day I would make a list of all I would do. I grew increasingly frustrated about how little I accomplished.

    I finally realized I needed to pair it down to 1-3 tasks or projects. Since I normally finish only 1 or 2, the priorities are important.

    Although I seem to do little on any given day I’m enjoying my days. And over big blocks of time I see satisfying progress.


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