Should Doctors Be More Available Than Roofers?

Today a new article of mine was published at KevinMD. I discussed the issue of physician availability and related it to a time when I needed a roofer and they could not see me for three months. Here is an excerpt from that article:

If we’re not available, then the patient often ends up in the ED, which is a much more expensive and less effective way to provide health care. So what can we do? I always told my staff, if a patient calls with an urgent problem, don’t just tell them to go to the emergency department, let me in on the decision. We will determine if they truly need to go to the hospital or if I can handle it over the phone or see them in the office today. The ED doctor doesn’t know them or their problems, so they have to start from scratch.

Our availability is becoming a real problem throughout the country and I discuss some causes and solutions in this piece. You can read the full article here:

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