Regain control of your daily schedule

The healthcare industry has a never-ending supply of people who want your time. You can literally work 24/7 if you don’t set some boundaries. Most jobs have a fixed start and stop time, but not yours. You must set the start and stop time. Every day, several people will call the office and ask to … Read more

Scheduling Time with your Kids

Happy Father’s Day Today is Father’s Day, a time to remember those great times you had with your father. My father, Jim Fawcett, was always there to watch my games when I was playing school sports. There would be forty kids playing in a junior high football game and maybe only 8 fathers would be … Read more

Location of your practice is important

I’m happy to have my recent article on choosing your practice location published on KevinMD. It is taken from my book “The Doctors Guide to Starting Your Practice Right.” You can read it and make comments at the site listed below. Thanks Kevin! When looking for a new physician job, location matters most