Willing to Hear the Real Scoop on Timeshares?

Were you ever given the impression that using timeshares for vacationing was expensive? 

I spent $311 per week this year for the eight timeshare weeks I used.

Did anyone ever make you think that owning a timeshare meant you had to go to the same place every year?

The eight weeks I used this year were across six different US states and after 30 years I have yet to stay at the timeshare I own and rarely repeat a stay with more than 4,000 locations to choose from.

Do you believe that a timeshare maintenance fee was for every week used?

I used eight weeks this year and only paid one $733 maintenance fee for the single week I own. The rest of the weeks did not have a maintenance fee.

Have you been lead to believe that timeshares cost a lot of money to buy?

You shouldn’t pay more than $2,000 to own a timeshare and often you can get a free one.

If you have any of these or other mistaken assumptions about timeshares, you owe it to yourself to get the real scoop from a successful timeshare owner. (I don’t buy or sell timeshares.) 

Too often people listen to owners who never learned to use their timeshares. Imagine what a 90 year-old who has never owned a computer would say about the value of the latest iPhone if it was given to her along with an $80 monthly fee. Not only would she struggle to turn it on, but wouldn’t even begin to know what the powerful gadget could do and she would believe it was a waste of money to keep paying that monthly bill. 

This is the same effect of acquiring a timeshare and not having anyone teach you how to use it. Physicians are taught over several years how to be great doctors, yet no one teaches them how to use the large sum of money they will be paid. The same thing happens to timeshare owners. They get a timeshare and it never comes with lessons on how to use it. Many timeshare owners do not even know they can trade for other timeshares all over the world.

After years of shaking my head when I hear misinformation perpetuated by well-meaning people, I decided to do something about it. My newest book is titled, A Guide to Loving Your Timeshare: How to Get the Most for Your Money in Family Fun and Experiences. It is full of more than two dozen tips, tricks and hacks to give you the value you were seeking when you first got your timeshare. If you don’t own one yet and wonder what it would really be like if you knew what to do, then here is your chance to learn the inside scoop.

Next Tuesday August 30th is the launch date and for three days my publisher and I have agreed to sell the ebook for only $0.99. If you find only one tip in this book to change the way you use your timeshare, it will be more than worth the dollar you spent for the book.

Don’t let your decisions be made from misinformation. Get the real scoop and go enjoy hundreds of vacations at gold crown/5-star resorts for less than the cost of a budget motel. (Just like I have been doing for years) If you still don’t want a timeshare after reading the book, or if you found out you don’t meet the qualifications I spell out to become a happy timeshare owner, then at least you made your decision based on the facts and not based on what an unhappy owner told you about how they can’t figure it out or on the stories a timeshare sales person told you when even they don’t know all the hacks to use timeshares since they likely don’t own one. 

Here is the Table of contents.


Chapter 1: Timeshares Are a Great Way to Vacation

Chapter 2: How Did Timeshares Get Such a Bad Rap?

Chapter 3: Who Should Buy a Timeshare?

Chapter 4: Getting the Most Value From Your Timeshare

Chapter 5: How to Buy a Timeshare at a Bargain Price

Chapter 6: Selling Your Timeshare

Chapter 7: Silly Things People Say About Timeshares and Why They Are Mistaken

Chapter 8: Interviews With Happy Timeshare Owners 

Appendix I: Timeshare Qualification Questionnaire 

Appendix II: Resources


About the Author

About The Doctors Guide Series

On Tuesday the 30th, go to Amazon and buy the eBook for $0.99. I bet you have that much change rolling around in your car right now, or even in your couch. You don’t have anything to lose and you certainly aren’t going to make me rich when I’m practically giving it away at that price. (Amazon and the publisher get their cut also) If you want a different version of the book it will cost a little more. 

Don’t stay in the dark. Get your copy so you can hack your way to very inexpensive vacation housing that has several bedrooms, bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. Pick up a copy of A Guide to Loving Your Timeshare: How to Get the Most for Your Money in Family Fun and Experiences and start your adventure soon. 

Hope to cross paths with you somewhere out there on a timeshare adventure.

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