Your Smart Phone is Contributing to Burnout

Burnout and dealing with its symptoms has become a hot topic in the last decade. It’s a problem that has multiple contributing factors. Some of those factors are thrust upon us and are beyond our control, such as government regulations. Other factors are self-imposed, and thus under our control, such as volunteering for extra call … Read more

Time for Mid-Year Resolutions?

We all get caught up in the New Year sentimentality on January 1st; the ability to have a fresh start and wipe the slate clean. Which translates into starting over in some areas of our lives. So we make our New Year’s Resolutions, hoping that this year our lives will change for the better. We … Read more

Get More Done and Have More Free Time

I just finished reading a great book, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport. This book taught me many things about myself and how I use my time. I think all doctors would benefit from what I learned. According to Cal, almost everything we do can be placed into … Read more

The key to Time Management

Carolyn and me in the Aegean Sea. High performers constantly struggle with the issue of time management. The more things you are good at, the more people who think you have talent, the more opportunities you are presented with, the harder time management becomes. In order to manage your time, you must first grasp one … Read more

Travel While You Are Young

Taking Grandma on her dream trip. Many doctors have the dream of traveling the world. But this dream is constantly being postponed by various things that happen throughout our lives. We can’t travel now because of residency, after residency, then we can travel. We can’t travel now because of the new baby, when she goes … Read more

Time is more valuable than money

Time is more valuable than money Few people budget their money and even fewer budget their time, yet time is more valuable than money. If you mess up your money budget, you can earn some more tomorrow. Time wasted can never be recovered and you don’t have all that much time in your life to … Read more

Regain control of your daily schedule

The healthcare industry has a never-ending supply of people who want your time. You can literally work 24/7 if you don’t set some boundaries. Most jobs have a fixed start and stop time, but not yours. You must set the start and stop time. Every day, several people will call the office and ask to … Read more