Week 2 Bicycle Ride Across America

Day 6, April 8, Wickenburg, AZ to Scottsdale, AZ, 67 Miles (Follow daily video updates on my Facebook Page) After breakfast we loaded our car and drove to the spot we stopped riding yesterday, ten miles South of Wickenburg, to begin today’s ride into the Pheonix area. Our route took highway 74 for a mostly … Read more

Did You Forget to Exercise Today?

(Remember to follow my Facebook Page to get my daily video updates on our cycling adventure across America. Starting next week my Thursday blog will be a weekly update on our ride. After we finish, I will go back to my normal posts.) It is unbelievable how often I find myself saying “I forgot to … Read more

Stocks, Bonds, or 5% CDs: What’s Best for You?

(Today’s guest post comes to you from David Rosenstrock, who is a certified financial planner with an MBA and the Founder of Wharton Wealth Planning, LLC.) Editor notes: As interest rates rise and certificates of deposit (CDs) have a reasonable interest rate again, (back to normal) many investors are flocking to buy them. But should the … Read more

Seven Years Retired from Surgery 

This month marks seven years since I left the hospital as a working physician for the last time. That wonderful walk took place in Lebanon, Oregon, my final locum assignment, to the song 18 wheels and a dozen roses, by Kathy Mattea. At age 54, I wondered if we had enough passive income and retirement … Read more