Our Timeshare Month in New England

(Meet me at the Real Estate & Entrepreneurship Conference for Physicians September 26-28, 2024 in Dallas Texas. Send me a message if you are coming so we can meet up. I would love to meet you in person.) My wife and I just finished a month-long trip visiting areas of New England we have never … Read more

Seven Things that Foster Independence in Medicine

Each July new physicians come out of residency and begin their lives as attendings. Many of them will or have already unwittingly set themselves up to lose their independence. All physicians can just as easily set themselves up for independence.  Independence in medicine is not about being in private practice vs being an employee, although … Read more

How Did Timeshares Get Such a Bad Rap?

(The picture with this article is the New Hampshire timeshare my wife and I are currently staying in the week I wrote and published this article. The room has four beds, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. The grounds have two clay tennis courts, indoor pool, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, great fitness … Read more

Four Things I Wish I Knew as a Young Physician

As years go by, we learn many lessons from the school of hard knocks. Although some of these lessons we could have learned from someone who had previously learned the lesson, such as don’t grab an electric fence. If we learn from someone else’s experience, we won’t get the hard knocks that come with learning … Read more

How Much Do Fee-Only Financial Advisors Typically Charge?

(Today’s guest post comes to you from David Rosenstrock, who is a certified financial planner with an MBA and the Founder of Wharton Wealth Planning, LLC.) Most people want to help ensure that the financial advice they receive is unbiased and truly in their best interest. A financial advisor’s compensation structure can make a significant difference … Read more

Week 8 Bicycle Ride Across America

Day 48, May 20, High Springs, FL to Putnam Hall, FL, 63 miles. Today we did not have a free breakfast at the motel, so we used our microwave to make oatmeal. Keith opted for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Then we started our ride right out of the motel.  The weather was partly cloudy … Read more

Week 7 Bicycle Ride Across America

Day 41, May 13, Gulf Shores, AL to Milton, FL, 67 Miles. Late last night we had some excitement. At about 11pm the fire alarms went off in the motel. Paul and Keith were out of the room making phone calls to their wife and girlfriend. I went out in the hall to see if … Read more

Week 6 Bicycle Ride Across America

Day 34, May 6, Bunkie, LA, to New Roads, LA, 73 Miles. Today’s free breakfast was a sack breakfast that we took from the refrigerator in the breakfast room. It consisted of a sausage biscuit sandwich, which we heated in the microwave in our room, a Danish, and a tiny 4-ounce carton of orange juice. … Read more