Acey’s Last Christmas

Raising a family of six in the early 1950s as a farm hand in the little town of Crows Landing, California, was a backbreaking task. Sixteen-hour days at a very low wage made it difficult for Orshal Brown to provide for his family. But difficulty never prevented my grandfather from getting the job done. When … Read more

The Eternal Effects of a Simple Gift

Merry Christmas to all you readers who make my writing efforts meaningful. Every time one of you writes to me saying an article or a book changed your life, you give me a great gift. I would love to give each of my readers a special gift. Continue reading to learn how to receive this … Read more

The Cost of Vacationing by Motorhome

(Please join myself and 20+ other doctors at the Physician Real Estate Investor Network Virtual Conference Jan 21-23. ) I am often asked about the cost of owning a motorhome. The concern being the purchase price is high and it only gets eight miles per gallon, so many people automatically assume vacationing in a motorhome is too … Read more