Fawcett’s Favorites 4-21-20

(I’ve been furiously writing from sun up to sun down for the last two weeks to bring you a new book about surviving financial crisis. Watch for it to arrive in a couple of weeks.)

Every week I run into a few articles that I feel are especially valuable and I would like to share some of the best with you, my readers. I hope you find them helpful.

This week’s favorites include how to avoid panic when the market drops, how to avoid getting scammed, remembering what medicine is all about, dealing with the dreaded bad online review, 

Happy reading!

The recent drop in the stock market, like every other drop in the market, sets off another round of panic. Why do we panic when predictable things happen? We know the market will drop frequently. Wealthy Doc has some answers for How to Avoid Pandemic Portfolio Panic. It is a nice summary of what to do when the market drops and how to prepare for an income drop. Don’t get caught with your pants down ever again. Watch for my upcoming book on surviving financial crisis to help you get through this one and set yourself up better for the next one. 

We are all likely to get scammed at some time in our lives. Budgets are Sexy published a guest post on How I got scammed by peer to business lending fraudsters – and how we’re fighting back. There is good advice here on warning signs to look for before you invest in something that someone else controls. Anyplace where money is changing hands is a place a scammer will try to find a way to move that money into their hands. Watch out!

Why did you go into medicine? To make good money? To help patients? To discover cures to diseases? To follow in your grandfather’s footsteps? Dr. Michael C Luciano, a family physician, shares with us a painting called “The Doctor” that his grandfather (the first physician in his family) gave him at his medical school graduation. His interpretation of the painting has changed now that he has experienced a pandemic. KevinMD published this story under the title The art of the doctor-patient relationship in the COVID-19 era. It just might remind you about the reason you became a doctor. 

Online reviews are something that didn’t exist when I started my practice. Now one disgruntled patient has the power to ruin your reputation with a scathing online review. Whether it is a true review or not is irrelevant. It still hurts. Dr. Orrin Franko, the founder of SurgiSurvey tells us what we need to do to improve our online reviews in Online reputation management: the perfect side hustle which was published as a guest post on the White Coat Investor

I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did. I look forward to updating you again next week with a few more articles I find especially interesting. If you read an especially good article, send me the link so I can share it with others.

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