Why EVERY Physician Should Own Their Practice

Unfortunately, in recent years physicians have been migrating towards being employees rather than owning their practices. A few decades ago this would have sounded silly. Today’s residents are being advised by their teaching staff that being an employed physician is preferred.  What is driving this movement? Are physicians getting lazy? To many teaching staff who … Read more

The Major 401(k) Error People Make

With the latest market dip many questions have been raised regarding 401(k) accounts. These questions make it as clear as a neon sign that people do not understand how their 401(k) works. Here are two recent examples that indicate this lack of understanding:  -I’m considering moving my money from my 401k to an annuity due … Read more

Reflections of a Physician Turning 60

Last March while we were traveling home in our RV from our snow birding trip to Mesa, Arizona, I turned sixty. On our way to Southern California to meet some friends, we stopped at a bakery to pick up a cake. We enjoyed celebrating my birthday that evening with our friends, but it didn’t set … Read more